2014-06-14 11:55:10 by jmkrebs30

Episode 7 and Episode 1 Revamp are finished!  I can't upload them at the moment, so I'll do so tomorrow.

Hey all.  Episode 7 is still being worked on.  It's about 85% complete.  Also, when I release Episode 7, a revamp of Episode 1 will follow.  The Episode 1 revamp will be longer with better music.

Back in Business!

2014-05-15 17:01:40 by jmkrebs30

I'm back in business now!  I've got a new laptop and episode 7 is about 80% done now.


2014-02-11 11:28:39 by jmkrebs30

*long sigh* The computer I'm using for making animations is not working too well at the moment. Therefore, I hate to say this, but Worlds in Danger Episode 7 is going to be delayed. I'm not sure when the computer will work again, so try and bear with me folks.

Episode 6 Progress

2013-10-01 20:25:23 by jmkrebs30

Episode 6 is about 65% done now. It should be finished relatively soon. Hopefully before the end of October. Below is a preview image for an upcoming battle in Episode 6.

Episode 6 Progress

Merry Christmas

2012-12-25 09:25:13 by jmkrebs30

Merry Christmas everyone. Just to let you all know, I'm done animating for the year. I will resume work January 1.

Been having some difficulty

2012-12-06 13:33:59 by jmkrebs30

Episode 2 of Worlds in Danger has been having some issues, but with luck I'll have it out before Christmas.

Mario & Sonic Worlds in Danger takes place five months after Super Mario 3D Land and Sonic Generations. Bowser and Dr Eggman have teamed up and used the powers of the Chaos Emeralds and the Crystal Stars to bring the Mushroom World and Mobius closer and closer in hopes that they will join to make a world of devastation all under their rule. Now it's up to Mario & Sonic and their friends to team up to stop them.

Just joined

2011-09-12 19:09:24 by jmkrebs30

Hello everyone. I enjoy the flash animations here, so I thought I would join. Super Mario Bros Z and Nazo Unleashed are my top favorite movies on here.