Favorite Audio

Creepy Intro Music Ambient Loop
This Way DEMO General Rock Song
Galaxtic Sunrise Drum N Bass Song
*DarkMoon Rave* [ZeRo BaSs] Dance Song
Bowsrs Rage/King of the Koopas Video Game Song
Confess the Truth Techno Loop
SMRPGLOTSS - mushroom k. Video Game Song
Equalized Drum N Bass Song
czer323 - Techno Fun5 Fixed Techno Song
gen0s f0rest Video Game Song
SM64 - The Alternate Route Video Game Song
Show No Tears Video Game Song
super mario mix Video Game Song
Super Mario RPG - Nimbus Land Video Game Song
God$peed - Find Him Ambient Song
Generic Horror Atmosphere #1 Miscellaneous Song
Destroying Heaven Goth Song
Super Mario World ROCK! Video Game Song
Wrath of the Dark God Video Game Song
The Alternate Route (VS Remix) Drum N Bass Song
Dark Halls (Ambient) Ambient Loop
Final Fantasy VII - Fight 2007 Video Game Song
F.U.2 Issue 2 - Give No Mercy Video Game Song
Ghostwave Trance Song
Victory is Yours! Video Game Song
Phoenix Wright "Cornered" Rmx Techno Song
Mario Goes Epic Classical Song
Morning Birds Ambient Song
ParagonX9 - Infiltration Techno Song
=Judgement Day= Video Game Song
SMG - Buoy Base Galaxy Video Game Song
Kingdom hearts2:The encounter Video Game Loop
(Quasi 8-Bit) Lumbering G Video Game Song
Willrock-Sonic - Green Chills Video Game Song
-Underwater Madness- Ambient Song
Blue brass of the beast Drum N Bass Loop
Tech Asssaut Classical Song
Legends Of Mordor Ambient Song
Trance Turnabout Video Game Song
Super Mario Bros 2 Main Theme Video Game Song
Awake - Supernova Drum N Bass Song
Crescent Moon Ambient Song
SMB3 - Flutes & Violins Video Game Loop
{Heim} Mystic Light Classical Song
-=Year of the Rock=- General Rock Song
Tension Rising ~RDZ Mix~ Video Game Song
Overall Control (Dark DnB) Drum N Bass Song
Rucklo - Plan Your Madness Industrial Loop
Intro Music Thing Miscellaneous Song
The Wooden Grotto Video Game Loop
Epilogue Title Video Game Song
JEBBAL - Menu Loop Drum N Bass Loop
Re: The 13th Struggle Video Game Loop
Attack of the Koopa Bros Video Game Song
Paper Mario - Bowser's Rage Video Game Song
Paper Mario - Toad Town Video Game Song
Paper Mario - Angry Bowser Video Game Song
SMW - Donut Plains Classical Loop
SMW - Special Zone Classical Song
Paper Mario - Koopa Bros Classical Loop
War of the worlds Drum N Bass Song
-=Goin Up!=- Video Game Loop
Shrouding Dark Cloud ~Orch.~ Classical Song
S&K Flying Battery (Elite Mix) Video Game Song
ECHO - Eye of the Dragon Classical Song
Between Time & Space Drum N Bass Song
Rising Sun Video Game Song
Forze del Male(Nocturnis) Video Game Song
SMB3 - World 1 Rising Video Game Loop
Power Plant Remix Video Game Song
~The 13th Dilemma~ Video Game Loop
Xion Battle: Form 3 Video Game Song
Vim and Valor Video Game Song
~Rowdy Rumble~ Video Game Loop
Xion Battle: Form 2 Video Game Song
Vanitas Battle Video Game Song
Unbreakable Chains Video Game Song
Regno Cuore Classical Song
Enigmatic Soldier Drum N Bass Song
The 13th Reflection ~Des~ Drum N Bass Song
~A Fight to the Death~ Miscellaneous Song
Hunter of the Dark Miscellaneous Song
L'Oscurita del'Ignoto Classical Song
~Disconnected~ Classical Song
Disappeared ~Remastered~ Classical Song
Xion Battle: The Finale Classical Song
L'Impeto Oscuro ~Desmix~ Video Game Song
The Encounter ~Remaster~ Classical Song
L'Eminenza Oscura I Video Game Song
Dance to the Death (KH2) Classical Song
The Encounter -Re- Classical Song
Bloom of Revenge Classical Song
Battle in the Sky Classical Song
vs Demyx Miscellaneous Song
vs Xaldin Miscellaneous Song
vs Xigbar Miscellaneous Song
vs Saix Miscellaneous Song
SMB Castle Theme Cover Heavy Metal Song
Test of Valor REMAKE Classical Song